Velocity Networks journey towards Ultrafast Broadband

You have been redirected to this page as the main Velocity Networks website has now been closed. In 2011, Velocity was purchased by a subsidiary of WEL Networks Ltd (WNL) as part of their ambitious plan to deliver Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) throughout Hamilton. Ultrafast Fibre Ltd (UFF) has been formed as a joint venture between WNL and the Crown to undertake this exciting new project in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Whanganui and Taranaki.

As a requirement of the new UFB model, the Government requires Ultrafast Fibre and partner companies such as WNL to adopt a pure wholesale network model. This will require Velocity to manage the process of migrating all our customers over time onto the new UFF fibre. So over the next 18-24 months, Ultrafast Fibre will deliver upgraded fibre services to your premises and along with your RSP, we will plan to migrate your current Velocity services across onto the new UFB network. Ultrafast Fibre offers a similar network service to most current Velocity connections and will offer a range of new services over time. Ultimately, the Velocity products and services will be discontinued.

BUT, in the interim, Velocity remains committed to maintaining services to our existing connected customers. 

Finally, thank you for your understanding and we welcome you to be part of this very exciting nationwide project.

Kind regards

The Velocity Networks team...